Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Economy and evolution

There was a time when huge dinosaurs crossed the earth, but time proved that they were very inefficient creatures, weak on the eve of environmental changes, they couldn't change fast enough, they needed costly structures working permanently in order to continue. When there is a lack of food, there is no way they can make it through to the next period of abundance.
This sounds specially familiar if we compare it with companies such as GM or PAN AM, both doomed by their own size.

The fact is that a global capitalist economy is the most similar system we can find nowadays to a ecosystem in evolution. Successful specimens survive, while weak or rigid ones perish.

Smaller creatures started flourishing until they became the kings of the earth, even the human being is only a marginal winner if you compare it with insects. Small amounts of food in niche markets are enough to endure long amounts of time.

So, do you fear that the global economy is going to be taken over by large multinationals? Forget about it, that is not going to happen. Of course there are "natural" places for such type of creature, but if you compare it with the gross of the economy its importance shows to be very little. Insect companies are taking over, it is just a question of time.